FUR Squadron

Discover the adventure behind what seems at first like a routine VR training.

Meet the Squadron

Axel Mex
Flight Engineer

Abandoned as a tadpole, but ended up being adopted by Blaze and recruited as a member of the FUR Squadron. Her curiosity led her to become an expert in technology. Always cheerful, she does not hesitate to face the bad guys in order to protect her new family.

Blaze Mustela
Squadron Leader

Leader of the FUR Squadron. He is brave and determined and is always focused on accomplishing the mission. When the going gets tough, he keeps his cool and helps his team get through the situation. 

Kiro Nax
Ace Pilot

Kiro had an accident that prevented him from flying with his own wings. Determined to take to the skies, he learned to pilot and has shown enormous talent at the controls. Now he is a valuable member of the squadron who likes to show off, even if that can get him into trouble.

Available on PC, console and mobile.

Making games with

Raptor Claw is a small indie studio located in Seville, Spain. 

We are driven by a passion for video games. We craft experiences fitted for a wide array of players and platforms.

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